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GTA V needs no mods, already AO rated

I have confirmed that GTA V comes with nudity at least in the form of fully featured interactive, immersive, gamplay integrated Strip show. GTA V features partial nudity, course language, violence ofcourse as well as frontal nudity. GTA V is packed with suggestive gameplay. This is a late post frankly but I wanted to be sure. Since I am not a big fan of GTA series I had to rely on external sources to get the news.

Some videos for “perspective”


Throughout the game you will be introduced to big boobies, cleavage, pool parties and mini games. GTA V has removed the need for any Mods so as not to make console players feel bad about having to live with vanilla game while PC gamers enjoy Pixel porn. Rockstar has commented that there will be no PC release for GTA V due to rampant illegal sharing and cracks… blah blah. Screw you guys, I spent over 1000US$ in 2013 on games for PC with minor spend on XBOX games. Fact is, they don’t like mods, they don’t like people enjoying stuff for free from community made add ons. They want to cash in on it.I am pretty sure when the cash from console sales run out they will release a cheap port for PC. At which point we can only hope the modding community at large is interested in Grand Theft Auto V and deliver more goodies.

Folks like Rockstar should take a cue from Bethesda who gave us Oblivion, New Vegas and ofcourse Skyrim which came with a tool for modding. This allowed the game to get so much popularity that it continues to sell today because of how many ways you can enhance the game with Mods. That the modding community has decided to rely on one network and their overpowering sense of authority (and monopoly) on all matters is a different story. Nonetheless Rockstar should learn.

GTA V also packs online play which is new. Looks like GTA V might go the way of Second Life or Redlight with online bonking, which you may not be prepared for. Well heads up anyway and you can only wish.

Well I hope you enjoy the same humdrum of a decade of car jacking, bat swinging, violent idiot roaming the streets that you have been doing for over a decade. Only now with Hot Coffee mode built in.

GTA V strippers

GTA V strippers

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