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Hitman Absolution is AO rated for XBOX 360 , PC and PS3

TO be perfectly clear, this video is AGE restricted. As much as the previous Hitman title in the series which featured a BDSM club there is one here too and with a lot more skin. This game is definitely not meant for under 17. Not counting the ESRB ratings for violence and gore which is comparatively limited, the sexual themes and nudity factor is higher in this Title.

Hitman absolution is available on all XBOX 360, PS3 and PC which is great news for those of us who have to settle for choices between games limited to the platform we own. Remarkable effort on actually making the game cross platform instead of a cheap port. Videos of the gameplay on PS3 show that it is playable just as well as one would expect on PC. This might explain the lazy fight scenes that involve something similar to walking through a cut scene dialog in Heavy Rain

Intro scene

The infamous Nun scene


The strip club and user posted videos should confirm that Hitman Absolution is indeed AO Rated

Here is another video where the player goes nuts in the club just for the heck of it.


All in all gameplay itself is just fine for the mature audience and I will not cover that here as there is ample coverage on the interwebs.


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