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Fallout 4 gets its first Nude adult Mod for PC

Aorated.com – Fallout 4 adult mods update

It’s official. Fallout 4 has already got two or three nude mods. They are preliminary releases and not much but it’s started. If you were living under the rock, Skyrim is unofficially the MOST AOrated game of all time thus far. The number of adult mods now exceeds oblivion and you will be spoiled for choices. Note that the same people and engine who made The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim also make the Fallout series. Fallout 3 as well as Fallout New Vegas have both seen adult mods, more for New vegas due to it’s better modability. The Fallout 4 looks amazingly similar to Skyrim in turns of engine behavior. It is a good guess that much of the same tools can be used to develop Adult and nude mods for Fallout 4 as they have done for Skyrim.

Which means a lot of items can be reusable, for e.g. textures. However one modder has commented that he found the skeleton is different and so is the weight system. This is important as a lot of Body replaces, Animations and Clothing rely on this. What this means is that it will take time for modders to start work on FO4 and release somethign usable. Not to mention we still need the Scripting ability and something similar to Creation Kit for Skyrim. Silverlock has been releasing Script Extenders that modders use for Animation and menus for numerous games like TES Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and ofcourse Skyrim. Adding to the Script Extender are modders who create base animations like FNIS and FNIS for Creatures which were both unique and game changing to Adult modding for Skyrim.

See examples of whats been done with Skyrim.


And this is a recent mod which isn’t even the most popular mainstream sex mod!

Here we have a few mods, credits to original creators for reusing some of the work from Skyrim modding community to kick this off. Instructions are in the download file on how to install if you really want to start early.

4. See-through clothing for Fallout 4 – Its somewhat a very large file for what it does. I am not sure why.

Download Fallout 4 adult see through clothing mod

3. Semi nude girl for Fallout 4

Download Semi nude girl Fallout 4

Top Mod so far:

2. Immersive Attire Fix: This is a pun by the author but is a scantily clad better replacement for the no clothes look.

Fallout 4 revealing clothes reteture mod

Download fallout 4 sexy mod

and the WINNER IS…

 Glorious Female nude mod – makes all the ladies nude when clothes are gone. 

Fallout 4 nude mod

Download Fallout 4 best Nude mod so far.

Worthy Mention

Bethesda is known to being a bit lazy on Character features and they probably know modders will do the work for them anyway. If you are planning to get any of these mods or not I still highly recommend downloading Gorgeous Vault Girl that allows you to create a beautiful female character as opposed to the paper like characters you get when generating your player. Hopefully future mods will make all in-game characters beautiful enough to actually feel like saving their thankless complaining asses.

More to come soon.

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