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Note: I held on to this post for 4 years/ Finally decided to just post screenshots and will keep writing from this point onwards

Even at the end of 2016, no game can surpass the Mod friendliness of Skyrim and the number of great mods available for it. It has such awesome replay value. One wonders what Bethesda fucked up with Fallout 4

Skyrim is the most popular game for the past year and without mods on its it already highly AO Rated. Skyrim features slow motion decapitation, bloody violence, torture and drinking of the popular tap of mead in order to stay on top of your game. There is the occasional Skyrim equivalent of drugs called Skooma that beats mead by far ofcourse. The best feature of Skyrim is the ability of adding game mods. Not numbering in thousands you can modify almost any aspect of the game to your liking. Adding objects, characters and even custom quests or gameplay therefore making it almost replayable infinitely. Oblivion, the precursor of Skyrim was no less in terms of Mods and gameplay, but with Skyrim the detail and graphics are far superior and much more flexible to modification in many aspects though not all. In some cases the modification has been severely limited perhaps intentionally. Notheless we will cover the possibilities in Skyrim right here and the mods that can get you there.

WARNING: Disturbing and revealing images, videos, torture and BDSM context follow. Do not proceed if this kind of thing makes you uneasy. Check out something else.

The vanilla Skyrim looks something like this:



Modded Sexy Skyrim looks like this.



Several mods are released every weeks or updated daily. My favorite one is 0Sex. Gifs by author.

Skyrim anal sex animation

More random screenshots of sex  and sexventures in Skyrim. There is nothing you have imagined that you cannot remake in Skyrim with the help of mods.



With over 1000 sex mods, nudity with options, dressing and possibility of creating new races. you would never run out. The community is awesome and LoversLab.com is where you will get everything.


Have fun , go get Skyrim

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